This is our material for Sunday worship. Some people use this web page directly. Most of us use this material together over zoom at 10am (details below). There are also many other churches streaming Sunday worship. Here’s a list.

Before we start…

We invite you to join the live zoom service at 10am. You can also access the zoom service with a phone via the dial in service. Call 0131 460 1196 and enter the following numbers:

Meeting ID: 867 1081 1755 #
Participant ID: #
Passcode: 812443 #

After the service, you are welcome to stay on and enjoy a coffee together in “breakout rooms”.

Please remain muted throughout except where directed otherwise. Before the service starts, this gives us an opportunity to wait on God in silence.

Sunday 21 February 2021

Introduction (Mike)

Good morning and welcome to our virtual service for Greenside Parish. My name is Mike Hendry and I am leading this week’s service and Frank is our host. God is good, we remember that as Lent is here, we are to remember the 40 days that Christ spent in the wilderness before entering his ministry.
Now in these 40 days for us, we are not only in the midst of a pandemic, but we also have an opportunity to consider what we want God to reveal to us. Remember in this time of Lent, we are able to put aside things that may take us away from seeking God.
It is also a time where people have given up something which is special to them in order to pray. There are many issues today, we have plenty to pray about, so consider carefully what you would want to give up to release more time for prayer, especially for the homeless, those who are grieving or people you know who need a special healing.

Helen, Cath and Val are leading the music this week, so I will hand over to them to introduce their choices.

Song (Helen, Cath and Val/ Mike)

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Confession (Mike)

With God, ‘when we confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive our sins and to cleanse us from any kind of wrong.’ And as we begin this new year let us join together and say this confession:

Most merciful God,
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
we confess that we have sinned
in thought, word and deed.
We have not loved you with our whole heart.
We have not loved our neighbours as ourselves.
In your mercy
forgive what we have been,
help us to amend what we are,
and direct what we shall be;
that we may do justly,
love mercy,
and walk humbly with you, our God

Absolution (Tom)

Almighty God,
who forgives all who truly repent,
have mercy upon you,
pardon and deliver you from all your sins,
confirm and strengthen you in all goodness,
and keep you in life eternal;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Birthdays (Mike)

It’s a joy to celebrate birthdays! This week we have Beth Gascoigne’s birthday today, Dorothy Reid and Carol Armstrong on Monday and Jen Vickers on Friday. Is there anyone else celebrating this week? Many happy returns to you all. May you flourish in the plans God has for your lives.

Medley (Helen, Cath and Val/ Mike)

Be still, for the presence of the Lord

Lord, I come to You, let my heart be changed

I am a new creation

The Collect (Mike)

Heavenly Father,
Your Son battled with the powers of darkness,
And grew closer to you in the desert:
Help us to use these days to grow in wisdom and prayer
That we may witness to your saving love
In Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bible Readings (Doreen)

Doreen is our Bible reader for today. The readings are Genesis 9:8-17, 1 Peter 3:18-22, Mark 1:9-15. Thank you Doreen.

Sermon (Rosemary)

Rosemary is our live preacher today (transcript). Let’s pray for her as she passes on to us all that she has received from the Lord and that it will be a blessing to us all.

The Peace (Everyone)

So let us at this time share the peace of the Lord with one another. May the peace of God which passes all understanding rest our hearts and minds in the love of God:

The peace of the Lord be always with you
and also with you.

Song (Helen, Cath and Val/ Mike)

Build Your Kingdom Here

The Creed (Mike)

We believe in God the Father,
from whom every family
in heaven and on earth is named.

We believe in God the Son,
who lives in our hearts through faith,
and fills us with his love.

We believe in God the Holy Spirit,
who strengthens us
with power from on high.

We believe in one God;
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Intercessions (Helen)

We hand over to Helen now, who is going to lead us in our intercessions today. (Transcript).

Song (Helen, Cath and Val/ Mike)

Be Thou my vision

Blessing (Tom)

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,
And the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Be with us all now and forever.

Dismissal (Rosemary)

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
In the name of Christ,


After Sunday Morning Church Service ends, our Prayer Ministry Team is available to pray with you. This morning it’s Mike and Gloria. To join them, just click on the separate Zoom link for Prayer Ministry. You will be invited into a ‘waiting room’ and admitted one person at a time for pray. After prayer, you will be asked to leave the meeting, so the next person waiting for prayer can enter it.

And remember to look out for the caterpillars on posts from the Folly end of Greenside, all the way up to Rockwood Hill and the lychgate at St John’s . Each week a leaflet about Lent from our Methodists friends will be there, ending with a surprise on Holy Saturday (day before Easter Sunday)

Some music taken from Worship Lyric Videos – all rights reserved.