First Steps on an Amazing Journey! To discover all you need to know about choosing, planning and going to a Church of England christening, click here for more information.

First things first, you are wonderful and so are your children. Hopefully we, as a church, are wonderful, too. Yes, of course, neither you nor we are perfect, we're all a work in progress. But a wonderful work in progress.

Here's the question, though: whose "work" are we? Many people have tried very hard to do the work themselves to become more wonderful. It's jolly hard work and, often, unrewarding. There's got to be a better way. And there is: we can demote ourselves to the status of "helper" and let the Master Craftsman take the lead. This is what some fishermen did 2000 years ago when they met Jesus and he said to them "Follow me!" and they did. Ever since then, people have been doing the same, becoming followers and helpers of the Master Craftsman.

We are a community of those people and we would love to meet wonderful you. Better still, we'd like to join up and travel together as we follow Jesus into the future. Who knows what that future will look like? One thing we can say is it will be more and more wonderful as the years pass.

Baptism (or "Christening") is a powerful sign that we're on this journey together. So whether you are an adult who wants to be baptised or whether you wish to have your child baptised, we're pretty excited about this idea.

Why not come and share in what our community is doing? The highlight of our week is worship at 10am on Sunday - come along! Or drop in at Coffee Stop one Tuesday morning. Or have a look at our calendar [use link to calendar page] and see if there is something else you'd like to join in with. Come and meet us and let's start the conversation.


All that above may sound a bit daunting. Or maybe you just want to say thank you to God for the birth of your child and ask God to bless them. We have a service for this too, it's called a "thanksgiving service". If this sounds like the kind of thing you'd like, do also come a long and meet us. Or just in get in touch via phone or e-mail.

If you have any further questions, please do contact our Church Office on 0191 4137279 or email

Click here to download a leaflet explaining more about a Baptism or Thanksgiving service. Click here to see a list of suggested songs or hymns for your service.

Application form for baptism

Please note, before filling in the form below, please have a chat with Revd Tom first, on 07799 217775. Many thanks.

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Joan Bell

Sincere congratulations to Joan Bell on her baptism at St John's in 2011. Joan really enjoys taking part in her house group that meets each week. We love you and wish you well Joan in your continued walk with our LORD Jesus. 

Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 Pam

Pam Sept 2010


Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 Group

 Adult Baptism Group 5 Sept 2010


Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 Karen

 Karen Sept 2010


Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 Doreen

 Doreen Sept 2010


Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 Colin

 Colin Sept 2010

Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 David


 David Sept 2010


Baptism Holy Spirit 5 Sept 2010 Bill

 Bill Sept 2010


Baptism Ann Thompson

 Ann, May 2008



Baptism Cherry

 Cherry, May 2008


Baptism John

 John, May 2008


Baptism Susie

 Susie, May 2008


Baptism Robert

 Robert Greener May 2008


Ian Thomson

 Ian Thompson, May 2008



 Arthur, May 2008



 Elliot, May 2008

Baptism Joanne Birkett


 Joanne, May 2008


Baptism Cath Jones

 Cath Jones, May 2008    


Baptism Quincy

 Qunicey, May 2008