Parish of Greenside

About us

We try to think of ourselves as a group of people travelling with Jesus. We are an open group - there is always space for someone else. We are a diverse and inclusive group - even when that is inconvenient. We'd love you to be part of our group as well - and we know we might have to change to make that possible. We only have one non-negotiable - that Jesus is the centre of the group. We endeavour to follow him no matter what. That is not always easy but it's worth it!

As a church, we have adopted a rule of life to enable us to live out this vision. Our rule of life says:

We are all on a journey. We are following in the Way behind our founder Jesus Christ. For a time our paths run together. During this time, we choose to travel together. We choose to be safe companions, we choose to love, we choose to reach outwards to others, we choose to reach inwards towards Jesus, we choose to share:

we share each other’s joys and burdens
we share each other’s gifts and needs
we share each other’s food and company
we share each other’s stories

When our paths part, we will part well, knowing that one day we will all live together with Jesus for ever.

The logo in the banner above goes with the rule of life. It is a picture of the words above. If you see someone wearing a badge with this logo, it means they are part of our church and have promised to live according to our rule of life. It means they ought to be a good, generous, kind, approachable person (even when they're having a bad day). Do stop them and say "hi".

Our parish has two church buildings - St John's Church in Greenside and Church of the Holy Spirit in Crawcrook. We worship as one congregation, alternating between the two venues. Our worship is friendly, lively and relaxed.

Finally, if you're looking for some short-hand labels to describe us, here are some we use: We are part of the Church of England. We are "evangelical", by which we mean we base our life on God's self-revelation as found in the Bible and through the Holy Spirit. We are "charismatic", by which we mean we are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and we seek God's wisdom in using them for the glory of His name.

Our Church Family

Greenside Parish Family Emmaus Weekend May 2019

Above: Our church at one of our fabulous church family weekends at the Emmaus youth centre.