Leadership Team

Rev Tom BrazierTom Brazier loves to make coffee and curry. He is a husband and father. And he's our vicar. 

Most importantly, though, Tom is someone who has discovered that life only makes sense when we give everything to Jesus and ask him to take charge. Since doing this at a young age, Tom has followed a wonderful adventure with Jesus which has eventually brought him from South Africa, where he grew up, to the North East of England to serve as a priest in the Church of England.

 Rev Randy Vickers

Revd. Randy Vickers is now retired. Randy accepted Jesus as Lord in 1975 at the age of 39. He was ordained in 1980 at St. Albans Abbey.

Randy then continued life as a businessman and non stipendiary priest Randy founded The Northumbrian Centre of Prayer for Christian Healing in 1991. He married Jen in 2008 and together they have five children and 9 beautiful grandchildren.

Beth GascoigneBeth Gascoigne is one of our church wardens, and is also part of the St. John’s Community Hall team. She is married to Paddy and lives and works in Stocksfield. Their  son, Will, works in Bristol.

Beth has been a Christian since 2015, and loves the adventures God takes her on. She also loves being part of Greenside Parish and taking an active role in the church. She’s a good communicator, organiser and encourager.

Beth enjoys reading and socialising, especially over coffee and cake with friends! She also loves exploring her faith at conferences and on courses, and holidaying throughout Europe with Paddy. 

David SmithChurch Warden David is a retired Sales & Marketing Director who took early retirement following a call to mission. This led David and his wife Glen to South Africa where they helped start a village for children who were orphaned/abandoned and HIV positive. 

They have been working in South Africa for 17years supporting Rehoboth Children's village which is now home to 80 children, and a number of projects  in the rural community through their charity "Hope for South Africa's Children". 

This followed on from family life which included fostering 70 children, two of which were adopted to add to their 3 birth children. David also spent 15 years as a Samaritan and was chair of Tyneside Samaritans for a number of years.

Rosemary Hendry is married to Mike. Both are currently undergoing training as Readers, which has opened up preaching and leading opportunities. She says 'Tom has included me as part of the team which shares the chalice with communicants at the Eucharist services. It's an amazing privilege to do this, as each person is special, made in the image of God'.  Amongst her other activities, she greatly enjoys reading, preparing children for taking Holy Communion, meeting with people and leading home group. Her next adventure involves travelling to the 'Bread Church' in Liverpool, with husband Mike and two good friends from church, to join in their bread making day and try it out in Greenside Parish!

Simon SpencerSimon Spencer married Rachel at St John's Church in 2009. Prior to this they went through an Alpha course together, where Simon began to follow Jesus. They have two boys, Henry, and Dylan. 

Since becoming a Christian, Simon has lived in the parish of his baptism. As a family, they have laid deeper roots, taking on a house renovation in Crawcrook. Now using his home for a weekly home group, he believes that gifts given by God should be used to honour God’s glory. Simon is also a member of St John’s Community Hall management team, where he helps out with the maintenance of the building. 


Gloria Johnstone heads up Pastoral Care. We love her caring heart and benefit from her wisdom and vast experience. She also serves in many other ways, including leading church services, flower arranging and giving Holy Communion to people within their own homes or within ur local care homes. She is loved and respected by us all.

Mike Hendry

Mike Hendry heads up our Home Groups where Bible Study takes place. Mike is married to Rosemary and together they seen the growth of their bee keeping project in a Malawian village. Mike has been instrumental in empowering and encourage the men of Kunkhongo village in bee keeping skills, including harvesting, refining the honey and carpentry skills in making bee hives. He loves to prayer with people and to see God at work. Mike is an encourager, always approachable and willing to help where he can.

Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas and his wife Kirsty joined the church in 2014 after moving to Clara Vale.

Together they lead the Alpha course within our church. Ben also serves in preaching, sound desk and prayer teams. Both Ben and Kirsty enjoy and value being part of a Life Group; meeting mid-week to spend time with others and reading the Bible.

Ben became a Christian in his early twenties and is passionate about God, the church community and reaching out to the local community. He studied economics at university and has worked in human resources for the last 10 years. Outside church and work, Ben enjoys running, cycling and walking Max the dog.

EricEric Hardisty is married to Helen and they have worshipped in the parish since 1980. Helen and Eric both gave their lives to the Lord in 1971.

Eric has served as Co-Warden, Warden and Treasurer and now oversees the work with children and young people, including Sunday Club and other youth activities. Eric, along with several others, attended a Godly Play training course and is excited about using Godly Plays in church and in the groups.