Wedding Preparation

Marriage Preparation Course

All couples who seek to be married in Greenside are encouraged to undergo a three-part Marriage Preparation Course.  It is hoped that, by working alongside other couples, in a relaxed atmosphere, you will have opportunities to share and learn together.  The course will take place early on in the year in which you are planning to get married.

The purpose of the course is to help you to think about aspects of your relationship that you might not have thought about before. We will explore different ways in which people show and receive love as a way of increasing intimacy and depth of relationship. 

We will discuss effective negotiation and communication and we will also consider what it means for you that you are to be married in church rather than in a Registry Office  Overall, the course is designed to help you to look beyond your wedding to the life-long commitment that you are making.

When you apply to be married in Greenside Parish, you will be given information about the dates of the next course.

Revd Tom Brazier, Vicar of Greenside Tel 07799217775 or click here to email